The rythm of our lives is increasing , upsetting our habits and our environment. Management of the current  public health crisis is increasing the needs in digital transformation, makes us face new challenges.

The technical revolution is allowing us to be better prepared for current and future hazards ensuring everyone’s well-being. .

Keeping this in mind, we have developed Epinest’s PerspiCare product line.


Epinest, humanely digital.



PERSPICARE was created, developed and integrated within the Centre François BACLESSE cancer treatment center in Normandy, France. According to Newsweek magazine in 2020, the center Francois BACLESSE was  rated amongst  the best Oncological hospitals in the world.


 > Newsweek World’s Best Hospitals 2020 


PerspiCare’s modules rely on a robust and fully secured platform that is the backbone of our eHealth products and  certified by the French Public High Healthcare Authority with an EU (CE) marking.

Each solution is patient-centered. Conceived  by healthcare professionals, tested, approved and integrated by high level medical centers.


Do you want to know more about it ?

The PERSPICARE platform comes with 3 modules: 


Hospital protocol allowing patient follow-up   48 hours prior to the day of their hospital admission.

3 main objectives : optimize the management of the patient’s course during chemotherapy sessions, make life easier for the patient and reduced workload for the  healthcare professionals



Is a gateway allowing all parties involved in the patient’s care to access all pertinent data concerning the patient’s condition and current treatment within 2 minutes: up-to-date medical prescriptions, high-resolution medical imaging, recent blood test results.

This cutting edge software displays a complete picture for all healthcare professionals involved within and also outside  the hospital (Clinic, Dispensary, nursing services, referring physician, pharmacist, Fire departments, etc.).



High value multidisciplinary collaboration meeting platform connecting healthcare professionals on-site site and off-site.  It allows all the specialists to gather skills and knowledge around a medical case or a particular pathology.

Fully secured for medical data management and sharing, the platform helps the professionals to address treatment and recommendations  when a medical file presents specific difficulties. 



minimum increase in daily patient capacity


reduction in waiting time